Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spraying off the Lower Porch

     We're having a big get-together in a few days and are trying to get everything cleaned up. When we gave my brother the job of spraying off the lower porch we should have known that it wouldn't end well ... He looks pretty harmless in the picture above, but don't let him deceive you.

    We moved the stairs so he could spray under them and the lawn has broad-leaf poison on it so the only way to get from the lower porch to the upper porch is to play human spider.  

What are we inviting now? Hmm?

Thirsty? The water in the hose is the same as the water in the kitchen ... (well water)

The little man's boots came off as the spray of water got more wild.

Oh, what now?

    I didn't get any more pictures (I helped my little sister plant the broccoli), but this little man ended up pretty wet. What is it with boys and water? Give them a hose and a couple hours later all you'll have is a pile of muddy laundry and bright smiles. Oh, but what do I care? Life is wonderful!