Saturday, August 25, 2012

Amish School Benefit Auction

    Every year, before school starts, each district has School Auction. Items are brought in or donated from companies, families, or community members and all proceeds go to help the school. Lots of people turn out for the event to socialize, eat some good Amish food, buy the gorgeous Amish furniture, and support the area's school.

     I had a sausage burger with mustard, catchup, and Swiss cheese (sue me :) and putter pecan ice cream (sue me again :). MMM good!  
    After eating, my brother and I just walked around and watched & looked at everything we could while mom and dad stayed in the main bidding tent. I loved looking through the quits. I had to wear latex gloves to handle them, but they were absolutely stunning. This year my favorite quilt was a Mariner's Star pattern in various browns. It went for almost five hundred dollars ... someday I'll just bite the bullet and make one. 

    Our bid number was 503 and to bid you held the number high above your head. Dad bought a hickory rocker (lot # 54-9) with that number. Mom bought 20 pounds of bananas (at only 6 cents a pound!) and a flat of pineapples ... she didn't she to bid for those, they were a 'Buy Now' sort of deal.
I love listening to the Amish auctioneers. You actually have to train to be one. They literally sound like banjos with how fast and musical they make their voices. They really do a good job getting the crowd excited.

A Sea of "Slow Moving Vehicle" signs.
And Who Pulls All Those "Slow Moving Vehicle" Signs?

   I have to pinch myself every day. Do I actually live here? Do I actually live here? The answer is Yes ... and I'm so grateful. My family has truly been blessed.    

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