Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giving Thanks for Eight New Puppies

We were out of state for Thanksgiving this year. We spent it with extended family in the West. It was fabulous week. Near the end of our vacation, we got a phone call from our friend who was watching the house for us. She had some exciting news . . .
    Lady, (our beagle mix), and Bolto, (our collie mix), had their puppies!


There were eight of them! Us kids were thrilled!

   Our friend put them in a box in the garage with their Momma and that's where we found them when we got home from vacation. Eight of the cutest little mix breeds you could possible imagine. They were still so young that they hadn't opened their eyes yet.

Lady, the mother, was very good and let us hold and cuddle them as much as we wanted.

    The only one with any white on it at all was this little guy. All the rest were mixtures of brown and black. Right off the bat we named this one whitey because of his coat. It's going to be great fun trying to name all of these new family members.

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