Saturday, September 17, 2011

Trip to Kirtland with Our Cousins

    One of the fun things we like to do when company comes is take them to the Historical Sites in Kirtland. The Kirtland temple is there as well as the Newel K. Whitney store, ashery, saw mill, and the home that Joseph and Emma Smith stayed in.

We all enjoyed being together!

It's fascinating to see how people used to live so long ago.
Many things have changed and yet, other things are still very much the same.

The one thing with historical sites is that there is always a lot of walking. 
We all helped the little ones with the last stretch.

   Our last stop was the Kirtland temple, which is owned by the Community of Christ church now. It was closed so we couldn't actually go inside, but the grounds were beautiful. There are so many flowers in bloom right now. 
    We all took turns taking pictures.

    There is nothing quite like the temple. I love going inside them. Even driving by one gives me a special feeling. They are all so beautiful and the feeling of peace that I feel when I'm there is incomparable. I love the temple!
    Families are Forever!

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